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Safety Training (including Human Factor) Initial

  • Duration

    12 hours

  • Training Type


  • Course Outline

    General/Introduction to safety management and human factors
    Safety risk management
    Safety Culture / Organizational factors
    Human Error
    Human performance & limitations
    Procedures, information, tools, and practices
    Professionalism and integrity
    Organization’s safety program

  • Target Group

    Technical personnel in aircraft maintenance or engineering.

  • Group Size

    Unlimited for online training.

  • Standard

    EASA GM1 145.A.30(e);
    AMC4 145.A35(e).

  • Prerequisites

    Basic English, aviation related technical vocabulary.
    Computer or any other device connected to the internet.

  • Objectives

    Understanding the nature of Human Error;
    Identify and predict potential maintenance Human Error;
    Identify strategies for reducing or controlling maintenance Human Error;
    Adopt a credible, non-punitive policy toward human error (not violations). This does not mean we do not hold people accountable, but it does recognize – people make honest mistakes;
    Demonstrate a commitment to taking action to reduce error-inducing conditions;
    Identify threats and deal with them before they become errors.
    Assist in assessing current and proposed maintenance policies and procedures;
    Conduct investigations for individuals involved mishaps or other incidents.

    Training is available online, anywhere in the world.

  • Completion Standard

    Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%.

  • Examination

    Multiple choice questions.

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