Component Repair Capability

Allan ArjutSales Manager


The Magnetic MRO Workshop is an EASA part 145 approved repair shop and provides a wide range of component repair support services for our customers.

Services that we provide include inspection, modification, repair, and overhaul. We also provide tire changes, heat stack changes, heat pack changes, periodical inspections, regular inspections, capacity tests, etc.

We repair the components for the following types of aircraft: Boeing B737 CL/NG, A320F, A330, A340, ERJ 170, CRJ 900NG, ATR72, BAe 146 and many more, in accordance with our approved component capability list.

We support components for the following ATA chapters:

ATA 21

  • Air cleaner

ATA 24

  • Batteries– providing service to Saft, Page Aerospace LTD, Radiant Power Corporation, Bruce Industries INC, Grimes Aerospace Company and Concorde Battery Corporation nickel-cadmium and lead-acid batteries.

ATA 25

  • Megaphones
  • Ovens
  • Water heaters
  • Coffee makers
  • Batteries
  • Trolleys
  • Passenger seats
  • Life preservers
  • Escape slides, slides/rafts – providing service to Zodiac/Air Cruiser Company and Goodrich Corporation off-wing, door and tail cone escape slides and escape slides/rafts.

ATA 26

  • Fire extinguishers

ATA 29

  • Hydraulic swivels

ATA 32

  • Wheels – providing service to Honeywell International INC, Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty and Goodrich Corporation nose, and main landing gear wheels.
  • Brakes – providing service to Honeywell International INC, Meggit Aircraft Braking Systems, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty and Goodrich Corporation steel, and carbon brakes.

ATA 33

  • Emergency exit power supplies
  • Ceiling light units

ATA 35

  • Oxygen cylinders refilling

ATA 38

  • Lavatory drain valve

ATA 52

  • Snubbers

ATA 56

  • Sliding windshield

Our capability is not only limited to what we can support at the moment. In cooperation with Magnetic MRO engineers, we are able to develop and add new capabilities according to customer needs and requirements.

It is our aim to provide a cost-effective and reliable service to our customers, ensuring that all our mechanics are highly trained and dedicated to the work processes which are carried out I.A.W. latest revision of a Component Maintenance Manuals.

Magnetic MRO maintains a pool of components where we can provide exchange options when components are required on an AOG/critical basis for our customers or if the unit turns BER.

The pool consists mainly of main batteries for Boeing and Airbus aircraft, escape slides, wheels, and brakes. For exchange options please contact our AOG team which is ready to support your needs 24/7:

To receive our latest complete repair capability list, you may download the file or reach out to our sales executives.

Magnetic MRO for airlines, MROs and asset owners offers these landing gear services:

  • Landing gear repair management
  • Landing gear exchange programs
  • Landing gear outright sale

Aircraft types that Magnetic MRO provides repair and overhaul services for:
B737 classic and NG, B757, B767, B777, B747, the A320 family, CRJ 200/700/900, C130 and MD80/90.

Issued Certificates: FAA and EASA

Additional Advantages:
  • Warranty
  • A fixed cap on repair price: in this case, you can be sure that repair cost will not exceed the indicated price
  • High quality of services due to the experienced repair team
  • Dual release certificate
  • For urgent repairs, the shop can complete an additional shift to complete repair/overhaul in shorter TAT
  • A pool of landing gear available for loan during the repair process
  • A pool of landing gear available for exchange
  • A pool of landing gear available for outright sale

Magnetic MRO always aims to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for its customers.
Our customer satisfaction and service excellence have been achieved through:

  • An efficient repair process that keeps costs at a low level and guarantees a good price.
  • Having a full picture of how many landing gear changes will be needed, how much this will cost for the operator, how many times the operator will need to come for the landing gear change and whether all can be done during the A/C maintenance process.
  • Having efficient transportation solutions.
  • Having ready-to-go landing gear assets to offer to customers.