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Designed for people who enjoy meaningful hands-on work, Magnetic Academy is a unique work-study apprenticeship program.

The benefit? Combining practical and theoretical training, the program develops you into a high value licensed aircraft engineer. Secure a stable job position in aviation and learn at the same time.

Where and when? You will work in the Magnetic MRO Tallinn Airport hangars. Theoretical lectures are provided in Tallinn onsite by TSI Riga.

About Magnetic Group

Who are we looking for?

The program is for you, if you enjoy hands-on work, aviation or maintenance sparks something inside of you, and you’re eager to learn more. We’re looking for problem-solvers, team players, and people with great attention to detail.

The requirements to apply:

  • B1+ English language skills
  • Secondary education (or higher)
  • Legally permitted to live and work in Estonia
  • Some technical background
  • No criminal record
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No experience? No problem!

No prior aviation experience is required: Passion for the field and some technical background is all you need.

This is a unique chance to start a career in aircraft maintenance. Join and play a crucial role in keeping aircraft airborne.

Program roadmap

The first 15 participants will be welcomed in February and March 2024 and will start their work in Magnetic MRO. The classroom courses on theory are planned to start in spring 2024.


Your timeline for becoming a licensed aircraft engineer will be unique to you. Career development in aviation takes time due to necessary regulations – Magnetic Academy helps divide your path into shorter milestones. Your career progress depends on your motivation and desire to reach new levels. Each achieved certification brings new benefits.


Your starting salary will be 7.80 EUR gross/per hour and it will grow with your competencies. The faster you grow in the company, the more competitive your salary will be.


    You will start learning from the best in Magnetic MRO as an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice.

    First 4 months

    Lectures while working. Theoretical training program provided by TSI Riga. 320 academic hours of lectures are held in Tallinn.

    Months 5-10

    Assessment to mechanic MECH-1 level through year 1, MECH-2 by year 3. You work under licensed staff to learn and gain experience.

    Years 1-3

    You work as an authorized aircraft mechanic with more responsibility. You take module exams for a B1/B2 engineer license.

    Years 4-5

Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI Riga) is partnering with Magnetic Academy, to pair the technical skills learned under Magnetic MRO aircraft maintenance experts with theoretical aviation knowledge.

Theoretical knowledge with TSI Riga

TSI Riga theoretical courses cover:

  • Basics of aviation physics
  • Basics of aircraft construction components
  • Flight controls
  • Electro technics and electronics
  • And much more!

Courses to be held in Magnetic Training Tallinn facilities.

Let's hear from former apprentices


1 /

I am excited to be near aircraft every day – to see how they’re built, what parts and components are removed for maintenance and to learn how airplanes work. Martin’s story: From apprentice to expert.

Martin Paberit

Lead Mechanic

I’ve always been fascinated by aircraft and the technology around them. Magnetic provides the perfect opportunity to fulfill my passion for aviation. Since joining the team, I’ve met incredible people, encountered mind-blowing opportunities, and each day at work feels like a dream.

Kirill Pavlov

Sheet Metal Worker

If you are reading my statement, then you are likely considering joining our organization. I started in the company as a college freshman back in 2007 – what a journey this has been. Let me tell you the following – if you are looking for an exiting journey, often challenging and tough, but at the same time rewarding in so many ways, then we are the place for you. Magnetic’s business is very diversified by services and also geographically – it will be in your hands to take the most out of this!

Risto Mäeots

CEO at Magnetic Group

In Magnetic Group teamwork is the key, and I have the friendliest, most responsive co-workers who make even the most challenging task seem easy.

Carlos Andre

Sheet Metal Worker

We are passionate. We are driven. We are Magnetic.

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Apply and take flight

If you dream of having an impactful career where you play a crucial role in keeping aircraft airborne, then this is your chance. The sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning!

Apply and start your journey.

Additional questions? Just write us an e-mail at hr@magneticgroup.co.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Magnetic MRO?

Located in Estonia, Magnetic MRO partners with global aviation companies to provide total technical care to aircraft, whether they need base maintenance, painting, major structural repairs or modification embodiment, non-destructive testing or technical training.

Magnetic MRO is a part of Magnetic Group, a global aviation powerhouse.

Does participation in Magnetic Academy cost anything?

You do not pay anything – working in Magnetic MRO, you are paid a monthly wage.

Your starting salary will be 7.80 EUR gross/per hour and it will grow with your competencies. This gives you a unique possibility to work and study at the same time.

What previous experience is needed?

No previous experience in aviation is needed. We are looking for people who are passionate and have an interest in aviation or mechanics.

The requirements to apply: B1+ English language skills; secondary education (or higher); permit to live and work in Estonia; some technical background; no criminal record.

When is the next application date?

The deadline for applying to the Magnetic Academy is flexible – you can apply whenever you want. The theoretical courses start twice a year – in spring and autumn.