Transition Services

Managing transitions between lease contracts and operators is never easy. The Magnetic MRO team is here to help. We have extensive experience in managing such projects on behalf of operators and asset owners. We help our customers to avoid the pitfalls of these complex projects.

What is it?

Magnetic MRO is commonly contracted by asset owners or investors to act on their behalf in aircraft redelivery from an incumbent lessee, technical preparation for the new lease contract, and aircraft delivery to the new operator. In particular, our services include:

  • Contracting on the owner’s behalf to project manage the redelivery process from the existing operator
  • Planning and executing aircraft technical preparation for the new operator: reconfiguration, required modifications, heavy checks, engine OHs, high-value component solutions, etc.
  • Contracting on the owner’s behalf to project manage the delivery process to the new operator

Who is it for?

Magnetic MRO Transition Services cater to any type of asset owner, i.e. leasing companies, banks, private investors or other financial organizations.

As with all asset management services, we generally add the most value for:

  • Purely financial organizations with an existing aviation portfolio but without extensive technical experience in managing aviation assets
  • Financial organizations venturing into aviation as a new industry
  • Technically savvy asset owners without a sufficient labor force to manage some acquisition or disposal projects