Total Technical Support, M-Care

Here at Magnetic MRO we understand the value of time. We believe that you as our customer should focus on what you are the best at in the world, as well as what drives your economic engine. Our role is to take care of the technical rest, in the most efficient and focused way.

With this in mind we created a suite of services, integrated into a total technical support solution,
or M-Care.

What is it?

M-Care is a suite of products designed to deliver a one-stop-shop solution for all the technical needs of a small to medium-size airline. The suite includes modular services which are packaged in accordance with your exact needs:

  • Consulting on the airline start-up process, fleet selection, fleet upgrade, insourcing vs. outsourcing decisions, etc.
  • Engineering services, including aircraft delivery/redelivery support, maintenance programs, CAMO services, etc.
  • Line maintenance at your base and designated airports
  • Base maintenance solutions designed to be geographically efficient
  • Component and material solutions, up to complex Power By The Hour programs
  • Engine management solutions, up to Power By The Hour total support engine programs
  • Technical training and consulting on certification under EASA Part 145, Part 147, Part M, Part 21

Who is it for?

M-Care works best for:

  • Start-up airlines in any market, mature or emerging
  • Established small to medium-size airlines in any market
  • Any size airline operating in challenging environments (emerging markets with a lagging MRO infrastructure, conflict zones, etc.)
  • Any size airline that needs to re-shape their operations through efficient outsourcing
  • Any size airline that is changing their fleet and experiences a lack of in-house knowledge of the new aircraft

Please note that all our services are subject to Magnetic MRO General Terms of Total Technical Support.

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