Sales and Customer Pooling

Magnetic MRO’s business is driven by our own active sales. We generate leads and new deals every day, leaving some to be serviced out of our own stock and others in partnership with other organizations. Anyone working in the aviation material industry would agree that no company can fulfill all orders from their own stock.

Thus Magnetic MRO acts as consolidator for the demand for aviation parts and consumables through our own active sales force. We service some of that demand from our warehouses; the rest is sourced from our partners.

We aim to establish long-term relationships with other aviation inventory holders, backing them up with significant orders, volume-rebate systems, etc.

What is it?

Magnetic MRO is a sales channel / strategic partner for a limited number of large aviation inventory companies. Such relationships are usually guided by strategic partnership agreements, which pre-define target markets, sales activities, target volumes, rebate systems, etc.

Who is it for?

Our Sales and Customer Pooling partnerships are beneficial for:

  • Aviation inventory holders with insufficient sales staff
  • Aviation inventory holders with HQs and most of their salesforce located outside of Europe
  • Aviation inventory holders with HQs outside of Europe that want to enter the European market with minimum fixed costs and avoid the option of having their own regional sales force
  • Airlines with surplus inventories with a lack of management time to focus on inventory trading on the open market