Line Maintenance

Aavo KuusSales Manager

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Magnetic MRO provides a full range of line maintenance solutions to support your operational needs. We value line maintenance as a critical part of any airline’s operations, as this is where daily operational activities happen. Thus we focus on supporting airlines to the highest dispatch reliability standards as well as professional and fast recovery from AOG situations. If it is possible to solve, we will take care of it.

What is it?

Magnetic MRO opens new line stations upon customer request to support aircrafts under the EASA 145 certificate and local authorities’ approvals. New line stations are opened with a 1-3 months lead time, depending on geography and a few operational factors. We are always open to forming joint projects with a customer’s technical staff or to working in partnerships with other EASA 145 organizations established in target locations.

Our range of Line Maintenance services covers:

  • Transit, daily and weekly checks
  • Phase checks, including A-Checks
  • Defect rectification
  • Engineering support
  • Engines, APU, landing gear replacement
  • Components and consumables solutions
  • Logistics support
  • AOG recovery services

You can check and download our most recent price list here:
Line Maintenance Services Price List

Who is it for?

EASA 145 certified Magnetic MRO Line Maintenance solutions work best for:

  • Start-up airlines in any market, both mature and emerging
  • Any size airlines operating in challenging environments (emerging markets with lagging MRO infrastructure, conflict zones, etc.)
  • Any size airline considering outsourcing its in-house line maintenance operations
  • Any size airline changing/expanding their fleet with a lack of in-house capabilities for aircraft or a new scope of work