Engine Solutions

Alexey IvanovExecutive Sales Director

+7 910 443 55 18

Magnetic Engines offers an extensive range of technical support services for your fleet of engines. We focus on delivering tangible gains through the whole value chain of engine technical support. Through a network of partners and our own investments we access engine assets to support any lease, purchase, exchange, or AOG need. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in managing hundreds of complex engine-related technical projects.

What is it?

Magnetic Engines:

  • “Not to Exceed’’ Comprehensive Technical Support Programs
  • Engine Fleet Management Services
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections, Records Reviews, Appraisals
  • On-Wing Services
  • Shop Visit Workscoping
  • Technical Support During Shop Visits
  • Material Support
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Invoice Review
  • Warranty Management
  • Spare Engine Pooling Solutions

Magnetic Engines supports all of the most popular engine types, particularly CFM 56 family, CF34 family, CF6 family, V25 family, etc.

Who is it for?

Magnetic Engines is best suited for airlines searching for long-term comprehensive and predictable technical solution for their engine fleet. Tangible value is created by removing ad hoc planning of engine maintenance events, correct and efficient workscoping, micro-managing shop visits, and controlling material supply. Organizations, which experience premium gains through Magnetic Engines, include:

  • Start-up airlines with understaffed technical department and lack of adequate experience in engine projects
  • Any size airline with a lack of in-house technical expertise to support changing/expanding its fleet
  • Any size airline looking to shake up incumbent internal systems and existing suppliers and look for alternative, more efficient solutions for its engine fleet
  • Any size airline finishing off its 10-12 year OEM total care contract for its engine fleet and looking for alternative comprehensive turn-key solution for its engines