Distribution and Logistics Services

Magnetic MRO has established sales and support infrastructure to deliver substantial sales results to other MROs, OEMs, and manufacturers. We aim to align with a number of global companies and leaders in what they do, becoming their distribution partner for aviation products and services in our home markets.

Through distribution agreements our partners gain focused access to new markets and new customers. Magnetic MRO acts as an official distributor, promoting and actively selling partners’ products and services in the defined markets.

What is it?

Our relationship with partner organizations is usually guided by a distribution agreement.
Services covered by such agreement commonly include:

  • Access to the Magnetic MRO 24/7 AOG helpdesk, manned around the clock, ready to support, upsell, and dispatch partners’ products and services to customers in the pre-defined region
  • Measurable pre-agreed sales activities for partner products and services undertaken by the Magnetic MRO sales team
  • A plan for the marketing and branding of partner products and services in target markets, under a co-branded or single-branded strategy
  • Management of warehousing and logistics services needed to service target customers
  • Supply of activities reports and market intelligence at pre-agreed intervals to the partner organization

Who is it for?

Magnetic MRO Distribution and Logistics Services benefit the following types of organizations:

  • OEMs and other manufacturers that need to develop a focused presence in pre-agreed markets or the Magnetic MRO sales team home turf
  • Out-of-region companies without existing warehousing or sales team presence in Europe
  • Established companies with presence in Europe that want to speed their growth and add focused sales efforts to penetrate target markets