Asset Acquisitions

The Magnetic MRO technical team supports asset owners and investors in acquiring and disposing of aviation assets. We do this to help minimize technical risks and maintain the residual value of your aviation investments.

What is it?

We are commonly contracted by asset owners or investors to become a technical partner in the asset purchase or disposal process. A range of services at the investment or divestment point can cover, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting on technical characteristics of target assets (total cost of ownership, maintenance, operational costs, etc.),
  • Pre-purchase inspections,
  • Records reviews,
  • Appraisals,
  • Representation at OEM facilities or other MROs for asset delivery,
  • Project managing reconfigurations, modifications,
  • Project managing entry into service,
  • Consulting on disposal options, and
  • Asset and records preparation and handling during the disposal process.

Who is it for?

Magnetic MRO Asset Acquisition and Disposal Services cater to any type of asset owner or investors, i.e. leasing companies, banks, private investors or other financial organizations.

As with all asset management services, we generally add the most value for:

  • Purely financial organizations with an existing aviation portfolio but without extensive technical experience in managing aviation assets.
  • Financial organizations venturing into aviation as a new industry.
  • Technically savvy asset owners without the labor force necessary to manage some acquisition or disposal projects.