Engine Training

Borescope Inspection training for CFM56 engines

Engine type


Price (excl. vat)

Open training - 2000 EUR per person

Ask for a proposal for groups! - technicaltraining@magneticmro.com

Group Size

Minimum 3 people
Maximum 6 people

Training Type

Theoretical & Practical

Course outline

Explanation and handling of borescope equipment;
Safety requirements and temperature limitations for borescope inspections;
Compressor, combustion chamber, turbine stages and components, which can be inspected by borescope inspection;
Borescope ports to gain access to the necessary inspection areas;
Damage limits for relevant engine parts;
Borescope inspection tasks on aircraft engines and interpretation of findings using the Maintenance Manuals;
Recording the relevant data by use of record sheets and photographic / videoscopic equipment;
Innovations or relevant modifications in borescope inspection procedures;
Performance of these new and/or modified borescope inspection tasks.

Target group

Aircraft inspectors, certifying staff, engineering and overhaul staff, aircraft maintenance staff


Basic English, aviation-related technical vocabulary


Conduct borescope inspections according to manufactures requirements

Completion standard

Minimum participation: 90%
Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%


Exam, closed materials, multiple choice questions

Training Standard

ATA 104 and SAE BI


Certificate of Attendance

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