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            [description] => Magnetic MRO is a certified EASA Part-147 organisation, providing various technical training courses across the world. All courses are tutored by highly qualified instructors with more than ten years of worldwide experience in the industry. You may subscribe here to receive information about our upcoming training courses.
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Engine Training

Borescope Inspection training for CFM56 engines

Engine type



Open training - 2000 EUR per person

Ask for a proposal for groups! -

Group Size

Minimum 3 people
Maximum 8 people

Training Type

Theoretical & Practical

Course outline

Explanation and handling of borescope equipment;
Safety requirements and temperature limitations for borescope inspections;
Compressor, combustion chamber, turbine stages and components, which can be inspected by borescope inspection;
Borescope ports to gain access to the necessary inspection areas;
Damage limits for relevant engine parts;
Borescope inspection tasks on aircraft engines and interpretation of findings using the Maintenance Manuals;
Recording the relevant data by use of record sheets and photographic / videoscopic equipment;
Innovations or relevant modifications in borescope inspection procedures;
Performance of these new and/or modified borescope inspection tasks.

Target group

Aircraft inspectors, certifying staff, engineering and overhaul staff, aircraft maintenance staff


Basic English, aviation-related technical vocabulary


Conduct borescope inspections according to manufactures requirements

Completion standard

Minimum participation: 90%
Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%


Exam, closed materials, multiple choice questions

Training Standard

ATA 104 and SAE BI


Certificate of Attendance

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