Specialized Training

Aircraft Escape Slides Workshop Training

Training Type

Theoretical in the classroom and/or practical in workshop

Aircraft Type

Airbus A318/319/320/321
Boeing 717
Boeing 737 NG/CL
Boeing 757
Boeing 767

Course Outline

Course will be conducted according to customer needs and can include all actions related to wheels maintenance - description, safety, testing and fault isolation, disassembling, cleaning, inspection/check, repair, assembling and packing, storage

Target Group

- Escape Slide Workshop employees who want to raise their level of knowledge
- Companies who are adding new workshop / capabilities


Basic English, aviation-related technical vocabulary

Training Objectives

Get knowledge about aircraft slides and how to correctly maintain and repair them. Course will be specially tailored to customer needs.

Completion Standard

Minimum participation: 90%
Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%


Theoretical – multiple choice exam, closed materials
Practical - Assessment


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