Technical Training & Consulting

Allan ArjutSales Manager


Magnetic Training, together with a number of partners, offers a wide range of Technical Training programs. We also engage in complex consulting and organizational transition projects, helping our customers to expand their businesses, add EASA 145 certificates, new types and capabilities. We have access to highly experienced multi-language trainers, and are flexible, within limits of EASA requirements, to perform training programs at customer locations.

What is it?

Our Training and Consulting services are part of the Total Technical Support suite of products, helping our customers to stay up to speed with the needed certifications, as well as prepare the pipeline of people for planned business development. In summary, we can offer:

Technical Training Services:

Consulting Services for Airlines:

  • Launch of Operations consulting projects for airline start-ups
  • Project Management of EASA 145 certification project
  • Project Management of EASA 147 certification project
  • Establishment or enhancement of Quality System
  • Project Management of In-house MRO Capability Set-Up
  • Other customer engagements

Who is it for?

Magnetic Training cater for all types of operators. However, we find that demand for such services is usually driven by changes happening in the business:

  • When there is shift in type of aircraft operated by the airline
  • When customer is going through a rapid fleet expansion, with lack of adequately trained and experienced skilled staff to support the growth
  • When a new EASA 145 technical organization is being developed in house
  • When new capabilities are added to the technical organization