Technical Support During Leases

Whether you are the owner of 5 or 600 aircraft or engines, it is always difficult to maintain a transparent view of the quality of operations of your assets. The aviation industry is rife with horror stories of donor aircraft and swapped components and even engines. Lack of a transparent view creates the risk of faster-than-average value deterioration for your aviation assets.

The Magnetic MRO team understands these risks; thus we created a suite of services for asset owners which help to monitor the technical and operational status of leased aircraft and engines, thus decreasing the risks of residual values falling faster than the market average.

What is it?

Magnetic MRO acts on behalf of and in the interest of asset owners to monitor the technical health and operational conditions of the leased-out aircrafts or engines.
Services include:

  • Records keeping service to remove risks of lost records during the asset return process,
  • A quarterly audit and consequential report on aircrafts/engines operating conditions and technical status,
  • Aircraft/engine physical inspection and consequential report every 6 months of the lease period,
  • Engine condition monitoring and recommendations to the asset owner and operator,
  • Technical advice and representation of asset owner’s interests on financial reserves related maintenance events, and
  • Transfer of risks for costs of financial reserve-related maintenance events from the asset owner and operator to Magnetic MRO through a 3-party maintenance agreement.

Who is it for?

Technical Support During Lease Periods Services cater to any type of asset owner or investor, i.e. leasing companies, banks, private investors or other financial organizations.

However, more specifically, we generate the most value for:

  • Owners of aviation assets leased out and operated in challenging environments: emerging markets and countries with high political and operational risks.
  • Owners holding small-to-medium size asset fleets, which do not generate enough scope for the statistics to apply across the whole fleet. Micromanagement of each contract or project is the only way to generate acceptable returns for such owners.
  • Purely financial organizations with an existing aviation portfolio but without extensive technical experience in managing aviation assets.
  • Financial organizations venturing into aviation as a new industry.