24/7 AOG Infrastructure Services

Here at Magnetic MRO we believe that our support services should be driven by industry operating requirements. Aviation is one of a few global industries which truly runs on a 24/7, 365-days-a-year schedule. Thus, our AOG helpdesk is tailored to deliver products and services to customers any time, whether it is 9PM or 4AM when AOG happens. This way we fully respond to all sales requests, routine deliveries, and AOG situations our customers face.

We have noticed, however, that a large number of aviation inventory companies close their business doors at 5PM or 6PM each day and retire for the weekend on Friday afternoon. AOG desks are often driven by voice-mails or auto-reply “thank you”’ emails, which means that clients must wait for Monday for someone to go through messages left over the weekend.

Our view is that such approach is a true lost opportunity to capture additional value out of existing inventory investments. After all, if you are not there to speak with the customer when AOG happens, you are not making sales.

With this in mind, Magnetic MRO developed a set of 24/7 AOG Infrastructure Services to help other inventory companies sell their assets outside of common business hours, 365 days a year.

What is it?

Magnetic MRO uses its existing 24/7 AOG infrastructure and team to support the after-hours, weekend, and public holiday sales and logistics of partner inventories.
For our partners we provide:

  • A 24/7 AOG helpdesk, manned by real people with extensive experience in material trading. This team acts as a sales team for partner inventories after business hours, during the weekend, and at other pre-agreed times
  • IT connection to partner stock with full visibility and transaction records
  • Logistics solutions for sold stock to be dispatched during out-of-office hours
  • Co-branding or partner branding for AOG helpdesk transactions

Who is it for?

Magnetic MRO 24/7 AOG Infrastructure Services were created with these organizations in mind:

  • Aviation inventory companies that trade during normal business hours and are not prepared to create their own AOG infrastructure staffed 24/7.
  • Airlines with surplus inventories and lack of management time to focus on inventory trading on the open market.
  • Geographically remote aviation inventory companies in significantly different time zones and with different business hours from Europe (North America, South America, Asia).