Magnetic MRO received FAA certificate for its MRO operations

Magnetic MRO received a repair station certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration, covering the full scope of Magnetic MRO’s activities.

The company has become the first FAA certified repair station in the Baltic States, marking an important milestone in the development of the MRO industry in the region. The received certificate enables Magnetic MRO to issue dual release, EASA and FAA, certificates on its line, base, components, and engines Part 145 activities.

“Magnetic MRO is determined to be the industry leader in offering efficient and customized total technical care products and services to airlines and aviation asset owners,” says Jonas Butautis, CEO of Magnetic MRO. “The FAA certification opens a new range of opportunities for our company in airframe, engines, and components business areas. It comes at a good time. The expansion of Magnetic MRO capabilities into these MRO areas enables us to offer end-to-end support for aircraft leasing companies and US-based operators. We see this as another important milestone in the path of our growth and development.”

Over the last 12 months Magnetic MRO has expanded into full aircraft painting, engine on-wing and off-wing services, components solutions, and other areas of MRO activities. The newly added FAA certificate makes Magnetic MRO a natural first choice for total technical care solutions, both for aviation asset owners and leasing companies as a transition point for assets between lessees. It will also boost Magnetic MRO’s active aircraft tear-down and component repair businesses, with dual release certificates available for the aforementioned activities.