Faces of Magnetic: Hendri Tärnu

Meet the team!

Hendri Tärnu, Logistician at Magnetic MRO, is one of those people who can grab a car keys and drive the shipment from one airport to another if needed – and finds everyday challenges at work to be thrilling and fulfilling!

Get to know Hendri better as we feature him as Face of Magnetic! 

Tell us about your path that led you to aviation: why did you choose this industry? How did you career start?

Hendri Tärnu: My path to aviation is actually as easy as it can be. I needed job after graduating university, saw the opening at Magnetic MRO and decided to try.  One day after job interview HR called me and asked if I would like to step on board – and so I did!

How did you hear about the opening at Magnetic and why you decided to join the team?

HT: I saw the job ad on the web and it caught my eye as it looked suitable position for my first real job. Actually, I had my only job interview here, they made an offer quite fast and here I am!

What was your first impressions since you have started working here? Did it change through time? How?

HT: Hard and challenging. Lots of new things that you cannot learn from school but have to learn through experience. We have always had very good and supportive shipping team so we will go through every single challenge we need to.

What do you enjoy the most in your line of work? What do you find to be the most challenging?

HT: To get goods from point A to point B you need to have some plan and I love it when a plan comes together. Sometimes it is quite challenging to get all necessary information that is needed to organize logistics. One definition of logistics is – having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer. It is quite hard to achieve that if correct delivery address, measurements, deadline etc. are not provided.

What is your best memory from your time here?

HT: My best memory here comes from February 2019. I was about to go to bed already when my phone rang. My colleague Kristel called and asked if I’m willing to take one shipment to Vilnius airport right away. We had an AOG shipment which was needed in Vilnius next day early in the morning. There were no good transport options at that time. So, I grabbed my car keys, took the package from MMRO and went my way into the night. Shipment got delivered on time and I drove back to Tallinn.

Moving aside from work, tell us about your hobbies: what do you like to do in your free time? What’s your passion?  

HT: I’m into all kind of sports. My main hobby is football which I hope to play weekly again soon after my knee surgery. During recovery process I have to do something less active. For example, different quizzes and brain games which are also part of my hobbies as I’m always ready to test my knowledges. Don’t know if it is really a hobby but I like to visit different zoos – I’ve been in 10 different ones so far and will try to visit 10 times as much.