Aviation Days 2018

Once again we had a great time in Aviation Days this year. It is an annual national event in Estonia (#Lennupäevad), where you can see thousands of aviation lovers from different age groups and backgrounds.

This year, we organised a Treasure Hunt and hid aviation-based questions along with hints for the next locations all around the event territory. We created a recruitment corner where we could interview potential candidates on spot, and designed a lounge area where we served popcorn and drinks to everyone. Our aircraft painting corner and escape slide became the key source of fun for kids and families in no time. We even formed a special quiz that would tell you “what kind of aircraft you are” based on few personal questions. Some were helicopters loving their solitude, some were business jets with fancy careers and exotic cocktails. Some, on the other hand, ended up as a commercial aircraft always seeking for more greatness and adventure.

It was great to be among so many aviation-enthusiasts and to see so many different age groups being inspired and impressed by our fun and magical aviation world. Thank you so much!

See you next year.