We care. We care about your business because the only way for us to grow is together with our long-term customers and partners. Thus Magnetic MRO delivers solutions and experience like no other MRO. Here are some reasons why:

  • Professionalism – We are a 24/7 team of dedicated professionals who are driven by your business results. We have turned our work into a lifestyle that we enjoy, always delivering something extra to our customers.
  • Innovation – Our organizational culture is based on an innovation-based digital ecosystem. Keeping Research & Development in the heart of our business, we are pushing the technological boundaries in the industry every day at work by challenging the conservative ways due to our hunger for constant development.
  • Honesty and Integrity – Here at Magnetic MRO, honesty and integrity are in our DNA and company values. We are open and honest in our communication with you, and we promise only what we can deliver.
  • Speed – We are a company of the right size to maintain the speed and excitement of a start-up and at the same time professionally execute any large-scale project or contract.
  • Creativity – We believe that any business is driven by creativity, and therefore we add a portion of it to any solution tailored to your needs. Magnetic MRO is not bound by incumbent systems or procedures like other global MRO brands, so we are open to creating lean and innovative solutions for our customers.
  • Opinion Leadership – We believe that we live in times when knowledge, like a carton of milk, has a shelf life. As a result, we encourage our team to be ahead of the industry in knowledge and self-development, also sharing our opinion with customers while shaping the industry for years to come.