MMRO’s Engine Maintenance Process

In order to reduce engine maintenance costs, we suggest that airlines should be looking at numerous activities, including performing on-wing repairs to extend the life of the engine, using serviceable LLPs from teardown engines, carrying out regular engine washes/cleaning and reviewing the engine trend data on a regular basis (this is key to signaling any future problems that may develop with the engine).  The most effective strategy is planning the engine shop visit program, calculating the optimum time for the shop visit to minimize down time during peak operational periods and when / if the engine has to be returned with the airframe to the lessor for redelivery.

To keep the AOG situations to a minimum, at Magnetic MRO we offer access to our lease pool of engines and readily available materials, including LLPs, blades, and vanes. We are also extending our on-wing support offering, trying to complete smaller repairs without the need to send the engine to the repair shop.

The three main cases for taking an engine off-wing for performance restoration include the LLP reaching its life limitation, a low EGT margin recorded on the engine and, in extremely odd cases, not receiving any signal from sensors. The airlines have options to exchange their engine, lease an engine for 60 days whilst the restoration is carried out, or time the restoration to happen during the base maintenance visit.

In terms of engine maintenance strategy, our medium-term focus is on the current mature engines (CFM56-7, CFM56-5 and V2500), with a long-term focus dependent on the support we will obtain from the OEMs in order to acquire repair licenses for the future engine types. We have acquired and extended our capability for CFM56-5 and CFM56-7 engines and developed our on-wing repair capability to include top case repairs / boro blending / fan blade replacement. We constantly develop our teams to support airlines and lessors to carry out BSIs and engine changes on/off-site, be ready with our offering of engine stands, and develop a pool of readily available lease engines.

David Bradley

Engine Management Department Sales Director