Engine Training

General familiarization training for CFM56-3/5/7 engines


3 training days (18 hours)

Training Type

Classroom / theoretical

Engine type


Course outline

General introduction to engines;
Engine modular design explanation;
Fan MM design and relevant subassemblies;
Core MM design and relevant subassemblies;
LPT MM design and relevant subassemblies;
AGB design and relevant subassemblies;
Engine components location and function;
Engine systems:
ATA 73 Fuel and control
ATA 74 Ignition
ATA 75 Air
ATA 76 Engine controls
ATA 77 Engine indicating
ATA 79 Oil system

Target group

Aircraft inspectors, engineering staff, aircraft maintenance staff, engine shop staff.

Group Size

Up to 16 people


Basic English, aviation-related technical vocabulary

Training Objectives

Participants shall get relevant knowledge of engine design and engine systems

Completion standard

Minimum participation: 90%
Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%


Exam, closed materials, multiple choice questions


Certificate of Attendance

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