Other Training

FTS (Fuel Tank Safety Training) Initial/Recurrent


1 training day

Training Type

Online / Classroom

Course Outline

Overview of regulations
History on fuel tank incidents
Description of theoretical and practical background of the elements involved, which lead to these incidents
Detailed description of the concept of the Fuel Tank Safety Limitation and Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations

Target Group

Technical personnel in aircraft maintenance or engineering

Group Size

Unlimited size for online training, 16 people per classroom training


EASA AMC 145.A.30 (e) and 145.B.10 (3)


Basic English, aviation related technical vocabulary
Computer or any other device connected to the internet


Knowledge of history of fuel tank accidents
Knowledge of regulations
Perform tank inspection
Training available both online and in the classroom!

Completion Standard

Minimum participation: 90%
Minimum pass mark per examination: 75%


Multiple choice questions

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