Specialized Training

Aircraft Structural Repair – SRM & Technical Documentation Training


€1800 per participant


5 training days (30 hours)

Group Size

5-12 people

Training Type


Course Outline

During this training, the student will advance his/her theoretical SRM and technical documentation interpretation knowledge. Upon completion of training student will have the confidence to correctly identify damage, choose the correct repair action and inspect each repair step and completion against manufacturer’s approved documentation.

Target Group

Technicians, engineers, inspectors involved in maintenance and repair of aircraft metal constructions.


Basic English and general technical understanding is desired


Theoretical input:

– SRM layout.
– SRM Chapter 51.
– SRM Chapter 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57.
– SRM Structure identification.
– SRM Allowable damage.
– SRM Repair actions.
– SRM Post repair inspection requirements.
– AD, SB, SL build-up.
– AD, SB, SL effectivity, completion requirements.
– AMM data assisting SRM.
– Manufacturer installation Drawings.
– Manufacturer Procedures and Processes.

Practical input:

- SRM simulated exercises. Exercises will cover full scenarios from fastener and sheet metal substitution, repair parts fabrication tolerances, damage location, etc.
- AD, SB, SL simulated exercises. Exercises will cover full scenarios from document effectivity, applicability and completion requirements.
- Manufacturer drawing simulated exercises. Exercises will cover full scenarios from installation and part drawing effectivity, parts assembly, individual part locating and P/N identification for replacement purposes.

Examination / Certification

Certificate of Attendance

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