Specialized Training

Aircraft Sheet Metal Practical Training – Advanced Level

Price (excl. vat)

5000 € per participant


15 training days (90 hours)

Group Size

4-10 trainees

Course Outline

During this training, the student will advance his/her practical skills and understanding of sheet metal structure fabrication and repair according manufacturer documentation. Upon completion of training the student will gain the skills and confidence needed to work in an aircraft maintenance environment in a structures team under supervision.

Target Group

Technicians, engineers, inspectors involved in maintenance and repair of aircraft metal constructions


Completion of course “Aircraft Sheet Metal Work practical – Beginner Level“ or any indication of previous training or experience.
Basic English and general technical understanding is desired.


Course will be held in an actual maintenance facility and every student is provided with materials and tools


Theoretical input:

– SRM vs real time damage scenario
– Health and safety, PPA

Practical input:

– SRM damage removal techniques
– SRM repair layout principles
– SRM repair parts preparation
– SRM repair parts forming/ shaping
– SRM repair execution
– Lapjoint/ buttjoint repair example
– Stringer/ frame repair example
– Pressure bulkhead repair example
– Floor beam/ seat track repair example
– Enclosed LE skin flush repair


Practical assessment
Certificate of Attendance

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