Full 3P Asset Management

Magnetic MRO adds measurable value to your aviation assets. Simple as that.

We understand that asset ownership and asset technical management are very different disciplines, requiring different skills to create value in each of them. Thus we focus our team skills and experience on the technical management side, leaving the structuring of asset ownership to finance professionals.

We see tens of billions of dollars being invested into aviation assets each year. However, we are constantly puzzled by the usual shortage of technically experienced people on the management teams for these assets once they are acquired.

Magnetic MRO’s mission is to fill this technical skills gap and work with financial organizations in minimizing technical risks and maximizing the residual value of their aviation investments.

The most comprehensive solution in partnering with financial organizations is Full 3P Asset Management.

What is it?

As the name explains, Full 3P Asset Management covers a full range of asset management services for aviation investors, namely:

  • Technical support during the asset acquisition process (pre-purchase technical inspections, appraisals, paperwork review, contract negotiations, etc.)
  • Technical support during lease periods (a program of regular asset inspections, audits, reports, paperwork reviews, maintenance program reviews, etc.)
  • Transition services. We act on behalf of asset owners in the complex process of asset returns, transitions, temporary storage if needed, placement into the new lessee
  • Asset repossession services. Magnetic MRO’s team has extensive experience in complicated asset repossession projects
  • End-of-Life Management. We offer a range of options to maximize asset value through end-of-life solutions, whether it is managing a tear-down project or utilizing the asset in other means

Who is it for?

Magnetic MRO’s Full 3P Asset Management services cater to any type of asset owner, i.e. leasing companies, banks, private investors, or other financial organizations.

Generally we add the most value for:

  • Purely financial organizations with an existing aviation portfolio but without extensive technical experience in managing aviation assets.
  • Asset owners venturing into aviation as a new industry.