Magnetic MRO to Launch a New Dedicated Painting Hangar in Tallinn Airport

Magnetic MRO, a total technical care provider headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, will launch its second painting hangar in 2017.  The new dedicated painting hangar will be built in co-operation with Tallinn Airport, in response to growing demand for painting services from Magnetic MRO customers.

A letter of intent has been signed and plans are being drawn up to build the 2000 square meter hangar with further expansion possibilities.

The new hangar will be capable of housing aircraft in sizes up to the Boeing 737MAX9 and Airbus 321neo, as well as regional aircraft. Equipped with an overhead crane for lifting aircraft engines, the hangar will be suitable for both painting and ad hoc maintenance activities. Much like the existing painting facility, the new hangar will have a Spraybooth Technology Limited (STL) system.

To ensure the highest level of service quality, painting equipment will include the Sherwin-Williams, AkzoNobel, PPG and Mankiewicz systems. Scaffolding solutions are designed by Lahyer and are equipped with lighting to enable the best painting conditions possible.

According to the agreement, the hangar is planned to be finalized and ready for use by 2017 Q4.