Magnetic MRO starts engine stand lease service

The newly added engine stand lease service enables Magnetic MRO to offer a reliable worldwide solution for aircraft engine transportation.

A variety of transportation engine stands, certified bases and cradles are provided for the most common engine types such as CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/5B, CFM56-7B and IAEV2500 to meet any requirements in AOG cases up to long-term lease or outright purchase. Supported type capability is continuously expanding.

Magnetic MRO offers tailored stand lease packages to provide the best solution based on individual requirements. The stands are located in Magnetic MRO´s maintenance facilities in Tallinn, Estonia; warehouses in Shannon, Ireland; and other European locations, and are available 24/7.

Magnetic MRO’s engine stand lease service is a solution for aviation organizations as well as transportation companies and can be utilized for engine repair shop visits; loan engine or repair engine transportation; engine change, tear down or storage; or engine drop requirement during C-Checks.