Magnetic MRO launches Engine Management services

Magnetic MRO engine solutions are tailored for airlines and asset owners searching for long-term comprehensive and predictable technical solutions for their engine fleet. Customer-focused services include: action-oriented engine fleet analysis; maintenance planning; technical consultancy before, during and after maintenance events; asset management and documentation control; on-wing support; turnkey engine overhauls; and material management support.

Magnetic MRO supports all of the most popular engine types, particularly the CFM 56 family, V25 family, CF34 family and the CF6 family.

“We are excited to launch Magnetic MRO engine management solutions as part of a wider total technical care strategy,” says Filip Stanisic, head of the engine management department. “This decision was made in response to a clear market demand for transparent, cost-efficient engine solutions with a challenge to incumbent industry formulas. We have been very pleased with the positive response from key airlines and asset owners to the no-nonsense approach to engine management offered by Magnetic MRO.”

As part of the comprehensive engine management solutions, Magnetic MRO also offers engine assets to support lease, exchange and AOG requirements for its customers.