High pressure compressor blades blend repair services for CFM56 family engines

Total technical care provider Magnetic MRO launches high-pressure compressor (HPC) blades boroblend repair service for CFM56-3, -5A,-5B and -7B engines.

With the addition of HPC blend repair capability, Magnetic MRO will be able to assist in AOG situations caused by FOD and be a cost-effective solution for aircraft owners and airlines. The aforementioned service is performed on-wing and does not require engine removal or disassembly – access to the damaged blade is gained via regular borescope inspection ports.

On-site high-pressure blade blend repair advantages:

  • speeds up engine serviceability
  • shortens ground time – aircraft can be restored during the overnight stop
  • cuts down engine operation costs dramatically; UER (un-scheduled engine removal) can be avoided
  • helps to create a prevention scheme by stopping crack propagation

On-wing support engineers are available to perform the repair at the customer’s location or home base on very short notice. “Magnetic MRO is constantly working on capability expansion along with expertise growth to offer customers a wider scope of engine maintenance solutions,” says Ramil Sharov, Engine Line Maintenance Manager at Magnetic MRO.