Internships & Apprenticeships

Looking for a perfect opportunity to gain your first aviation experience in a global and one-of-a-kind Total Technical Care organization? Magnetic MRO is just the right fit with its constantly updated Internship and Apprenticeship programs! Here at Magnetic, we take developing our people and growing our talent pool very seriously. That’s why we are working very hard towards making sure that the opportunities offered for students will help them to enhance their careers and gain real-life, hands-on experience.

Joining Magnetic MRO as an intern/apprentice requires effort, however, the reward and the experience are definitely worth it. You will have an opportunity to gain experience in various MRO fields and a chance to work with true industry leaders and our brand ambassadors

Currently offered internships are as follows:

Components Trading internship

Location: Vilnius


The Internship period in Magnetic MRO lasts from May/June till August/September.

Apprentices are taken to technical roles all year round and are largely dependent on the trade requirements.

Sheet Metal Apprentice


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