Hangar tours

Hangar Tours in Tallinn

If you ever caught yourself wondering what’s hiding in those blue hangars you spot whenever you land in Tallinn airport – this is your chance to come and see! Get ready to enter the world of aviation, see the steel birds up close from both inside and out, and learn how many different tasks are undertaken to prep the plane for your next flight.

Gather a group of 12 and take off for the adventure, guided by our professionals – we promise them sharing some mind-bending facts too!

In order to book a tour, you need:

  1. Form a group of 12 people (or more)
  2. Reserve your 1,5 hr tour
  3. Make sure everyone from your group has a valid ID document (passport, ID card, driving license etc.)

We are offering tours in Estonian, English and Russian.

Want to book a tour or have any additional questions? Get in touch: info@magneticmro.com

See you around the hangar!

PS! All hangar tours are currently postponed until further notice.