Magnetic MRO wins VET Excellence Award for the best Training at Work program

Magnetic MRO has been announced as a winner of the 2020 Awards for VET Excellence, award program which is part of the European Vocational Skills Week! We have received award for our Training at Work program.

“I am extremely pleased that the cooperation between Magnetic MRO and the Estonian Aviation Academy has been noticed and is so highly valued at the European level. This victory is a recognition not only for Magnetic MRO or the Aviation Academy, but for the entire Estonia, because putting Estonian aviation education so strongly on the map of Europe is a great achievement in itself! We are doing the right thing and will continue to popularize aviation in cooperation with the Estonian Aviation Academy, despite today’s difficult situation in the aviation sector,” shared Ene Krinpus, HR Manager.

Safe to say, this is a great achievement for the whole team as training here at Magnetic MRO is so much more than just teaching. Congratulations to all of us!