Magnetic MRO – recognized employer

Magnetic MRO won 2nd place out of 107 companies in the Estonian national campaign “Praise the Employer” (“Kiida Tööandjat”)!

“Magnetic MRO has never been a “comfortable” company to work in and for. We don’t have ping-pong tables or 3-days long summer holidays. In our line of work, where we actually are responsible for the safety of human lives, we need much more than just “comfortable”; thus we constantly focus on improving our employee’s skills and capabilities and give possibilities to learn about new aircraft as well as offer opportunities to work in foreign countries,” shared Ene Krinpus, HR Manager at Magnetic MRO.

In addition, Magnetic MRO was recently selected among the most wanted employers by jobseekers in 2020 in Estonia and rankled No. 1 in the maintenance and repair field, in a survey conducted by the Estonian job portal,

Magnetic MRO was also competing for the “2021 Dream Employer” title in Estonia. We did not win the grand-prix this year yet, but out of 7 competition categories, Magnetic MRO won two:

  1. “The Doer of the Future” (“Tulevikutegija”) 
  2. Business Magazine “Director” special recognition on training employees