Magnetic Parts Trading Limited

Kęstutis SajusSenior Project Manager

+370 687 49219

Magnetic Parts Trading Limited (MPTL) was established by Magnetic MRO and Crestline Investors as a joint venture in 2017 in order to focus on aviation asset investments. While Crestline Investors is furnishing Magnetic Parts Trading Limited with the majority of its capital needs, Magnetic MRO gets to focus on project management, part-out and the value realization process. Magnetic Parts Trading Limited will focus on acquiring aircraft and engines for immediate part-out, or short-term lease and subsequent part-out. It aims to invest in the most popular narrow-body aircraft types, such as the A320 and B737 families and their corresponding engines.

The agreed business structure will allow for immediate investments into a significant number of new-generation aircraft and engines, as well as the flexibility to purchase fleets of aircraft or assets with remaining leases attached.