• Magnetic MRO gained EASA’s approval to offer CAMO services on wide-bodies Airbus 330 and Boeing 777

  • Magnetic MRO wins Best International Provider award at MRO Russia.

  • Magnetic MRO acquires Dutch Direct Maintenance, enters wide-body market.

  • Magnetic MRO completes its first 3D scanning project, launches a new line of services.

  • Magnetic MRO announces bond trading on the Nasdaq Baltic First North bond market in Nominal Value of EUR 8 Million.

  • Magnetic MRO expands into the Middle East, EngineStands24 opens a new hub in Dubai.

  • Magnetic MRO's subsidiary, MAC Aero Interiors enters the Chinese aircraft cabin interiors market: launches a subsidiary MAC Sichuan.

  • Magnetic MRO expands in Scandinavia: new line maintenance station in Norway.

  • Magnetic MRO completes a teardown project for an Airbus A320 aircraft which will be used for the fight against terrorism in Germany by special forces.


  • Enter Air entrusts Magnetic MRO with nineteen Boeing 737NG PBH support.

  • Magnetic MRO cuts paper consumption, shifts to biometric e-signatures.

  • Magnetic MRO paints airBaltic’s A220-300 into a special livery to celebrate Latvia's 100th birthday.

  • Magnetic MRO and Hangxin win “Baltic M&A Deal of the Year” Award.

  • Magnetic MRO launched another unmanned RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tool Control system, resulting in two advanced Tool Gates and one RFID Kiosk in total, throughout its facilities in Tallinn, Estonia. Today, all hangars can communicate with each other without any manual input.

  • Magnetic MRO completed its first VVIP Business Jet repaint project for a Bombardier Global 5000.

  • EngineStands24, Magnetic MRO’s sub-brand announced that LEAP-1A and LEAP-1B engine stands are joining the product portfolio.

  • Magnetic MRO strengthened its FAA repair station capabilities by becoming the one and only company in the entire Baltic States to have gained IA (Inspection Authorization) rights.

  • Magnetic MRO successfully completed its first ever Airbus A321neo service delivery on the basis of a seat modification project supported by company’s EASA approved DOA services.

  • Magnetic MRO entered into wide-body aircraft maintenance market. It became fully authorized to provide line maintenance services for Airbus A330 family.

  • Magnetic MRO opened a dedicated training facility.

  • Announced its A320neo maintenance capability!

  • Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology (“Hangxin”) bought 100% of the shares of Magnetic MRO from BaltCap, and became the new shareholder.


  • Magnetic MRO acquired a package of four Boeing 737-800 airframes and ten CFM56-7B engines through its newly established asset vehicle called Magnetic Parts Trading Limited.

  • Magnetic MRO has further extended its engine repair capability by adding Top Case Repair and Bushing Replacement to its current service offering.

  • Magnetic MRO opened a new purpose-build paint hangar. It is the company's third hangar at Tallinn home-base.

  • Magnetic MRO awarded the “Company of the Year” & “Exporter of the Year” titles at the Best Estonian Enterprises 2017 award ceremony.

  • Developed Augmented Reality solutions for aircraft livery visualization.

  • Magnetic MRO and Kuehne+Nagel launched their 1st joint aerospace hub in Amsterdam after signing the work agreement.

  • Announced joint venture for aviation asset investments with Crestline Investors, and established Magnetic Parts Trading Limited.

  • Became a Boeing GoldCare Partner for Line & Base Maintenance services.

  • Opened 3 new line stations; in Zagreb (ZAG). Tirana (TIA) and Copenhagen (CPH) International Airports.

  • Completed its 500th Base Maintenance Check in March 2017, based on its first independent check registered in 2002.


  • Magnetic MRO and MAC Interiors unified their forces for 3D printing of aviation approved parts.

  • Signed a cooperation agreement with MEKTORY - Business & Innovation Center of Tallinn Technical University.

  • Launched a tailor-made VR system as an in-house capability and initiated 3D visioning of aircraft interiors.

  • Became a National Champion of Estonia and a Ruban d’Honneur recipient for the Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €26-150m in European Business Awards 2016-17.

  • Opened 5 new line stations; in Milan Malpensa, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Oulu, and Gällivare airports.

  • Opened a warehouse in MAC Interiors facility, with a 15 minutes distance from Gatwick International Airport in
    London, UK.

  • Partnered with Component OH Services in Miami, USA to provide landing gear overhaul and repair services for our customers in Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia.

  • Signed exclusive engine stands distribution agreement with Rotafilo.

  • Partnered with Kuehne+Nagel to offer global engine stand management solutions based on EngineStands24 business plan and KN EngineChain’s worldwide hubs.

  • Launched EngineStands24 Project - the very first e-platform in the aviation market for leasing, purchasing & transporting aircraft engine stands.

  • Received Part 21J Design Organisation Approval to enhance cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment in house.

  • Gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by globally proving its ability to meet and maintain high quality standards and
    environmental requirements.

  • Acquired MAC Interiors; UK-based aircraft interior company with 50-years of heritage.


  • Introduced 3D printing into aircraft parts production process.

  • Established sales and engineering office in London, UK.

  • Developed its first Paint Hangar and expanded its capacity.

  • Expanded into Asset Management services with A321 Part-Out.


  • Launched the software for 3D visioning of aircraft interiors as the first of many steps in the journey of innovation.

  • Started line maintenance outstation expansion outside of its home-base.

  • Launched engine management services and built a team of industry leaders.

  • Started aircraft painting services to support Total Technical Care positioning.

  • Enlarged its workshop capabilities and opened an escape slide overhaul workshop.

  • Management changed and AME rebranded into Magnetic MRO with the goal of an organizational transformation to turn the company into a global Total Technical Care provider, supported by integrated MRO services.


  • As the capacity increased, number and variety of customers also started to increase.

  • The company completed its new hangar and opened its door to service in September 2013.


  • BaltCap, the leading dedicated private equity and venture capital investor in the Baltic States, acquired 100% of Air Maintenance Estonia from SAS and has supported AME’s production and capability expansion strategy.


  • Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia started to function under the name of Air Maintenance Estonia (AME) under SAS Group up until 2010.

  • SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) signed an agreement with Danish Maersk Air to acquire 100% of the shares of Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia. SAS also bought 49% of Estonian Air as a separate entity.


  • Maersk Air of Denmark was the second airline MAME ever provided C-checks as a third-party maintenance provider after becoming a separate entity.

  • It continued to function as a third-party maintenance provider for Estonian Air Fleet in Estonian Air hangar.

  • On May 15, 2002, Estonian Air’s Maintenance Department split up with the flag carrier and became a separate entity under the name of Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia (i.e. MAME).


  • Estonian Air got partially privatised and 66% of its shares were bought by Maersk Air (49%) and Baltic Cresco Investment Group (17%).

    Photo detail: Estonian basic colours with Maersk titles and tail


  • Ancestor of today’s Magnetic MRO started its operation in 1995 as Maintenance Department of Estonian Air taking care of two brand new Boeing-737- 500. The team of only 16 people was nick-named as “Boeing Group” by then.