Whom We Seek

We seek professionals from all countries, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds to join the Magnetic MRO team. It has naturally evolved that our typical team member is:

  • A true ambassador of the Magnetic MRO values.
  • Professional in everything that he/she does, way beyond the simple meaning of this word.
  • Stress-resistant, as aviation is a 24/7 industry with numerous complex situations that must be dealt with in a prompt manner.
  • A vagabond in his/her heart, having travelled the world, explored different countries and regions, and longing to experience it all again.
  • Culturally savvy, thriving while working with people from different parts of the world and different cultures, customs, and religions.
  • Fun, joyful, reliable, open-minded, and a pleasure to work, travel, and spend time with.

A mix of open positions at Magnetic MRO is usually available for prospective candidates. Please note that some of them may require specific aviation certificates and experience.

Contact us: cv@magneticmro.com