What We Offer

Here at Magnetic MRO we understand that every professional has a wide range of career and lifestyle choices. These choices span from progressing your career in a multi-billion-dollar aviation conglomerate to finding your inner self on a year-long journey across Asia or Africa.

Thus, Magnetic MRO strives to be a company which makes you feel good about having made the right choice. We will make sure you enjoy being with us and create enough opportunities and excitement that will capture your attention for 12 months following every annual appraisal.

We do so through:

  • Introducing you to one of the most attractive global industries. If you have ever raised your eyes and followed a flying 747 with a smile, you have come to the right place. We are a team of professionals who simply love aviation.
  • Creating a great team of diverse, yet like-minded colleagues. Here at Magnetic MRO we strive to create an environment where people enjoy what they do. It starts with getting the right people onto our team.
  • Offering stability. Different from other young and dynamic organizations, we offer stability in the workplace and earnings, as our business model is established and key executives come with years of experience in the aviation industry.
  • Offering plenty of growth opportunities. Magnetic MRO’s business growth is comprised of a number of new business areas and projects, each of them needing exceptional people to lead them. The company policy is to first seek suitable candidates from within the team.
  • Opening the global marketplace. We go places, following our customers, partners, projects, and new opportunities. The Magnetic MRO team travels the world regularly, manages international projects, and leads remote offices when needed.
  • Offering you a career at Magnetic MRO instead of simply a position. We want you to grow, as soon as you are ready, into the positions of the current leadership team. This way we can rest assured that our employees are motivated and our business is developing in a sustainable way.