Are you up for a prestigious career in aviation?

Do you wish to:

  • Become a part of the fastest growing industry in the world?
  • Contribute to shaping the future?
  • Work with brilliant minds and discover your skills?
  • See your effort pay off and invest in your top-notch career?

If you do, then get ready to join our apprenticeship program and take your first steps into the adventure of your life.

Magnetic MRO launched AIMM (Apprenticeship & Internship at Magnetic MRO), which is a special project to hire and train Apprentices for different specialization areas like base and line maintenance, sheet metal, composite, painting and so on.

During the 2 year-long apprenticeship period, your training will be supported by Estonia’s leading vocational study programme in aviation, designed by Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA). While theoretical training will take place in Tallinn based on a vocational study programme developed by EAVA, practical training will mainly take place in Magnetic MRO facilities during the working period. Meaning, that we will fully prepare you to become a aviation professional! Ready for action?

No aviation background is needed! All candidates are expected to:

  • Have at least a secondary school degree. Technical education in any trade is an advantage.
  • Communicate in English, both written and spoken. Estonian and Russian language skills are plus.
  • Work in shifts and are eager to learn.
  • Strictly follow internal procedures and rules. Aviation is a serious business :)
  • Act confident and be responsible, mindful and results-oriented.

We are currently hiring:

  • Aircraft Mechanic Apprentices for Base Maintenance

    Key role:

    Hangar maintenance that aircraft shall undergo every year or second year including in-depth inspections, complete servicing and comprehensive tests of complete aircraft, its engines and systems.

  • Basic Mechanic Apprentices for Line Maintenance

    Key role:

    Technical maintenance of the aircraft that needs to be done daily including routine maintenance and defects rectification, both on apron and in hangar.

  • Sheet Metal Worker Apprentices

    Key role:

    Aircraft metal structure repairs and restoration of damaged structure parts under the guidance of experienced sheet metal workers.

  • Composite Mechanic Apprentices

    Key role:

    Modern aircraft composite structure repairs, restoration of aircraft interiors and plastic parts, working with top-class bonding equipment under the guidance of experienced composite technicians.

  • Aircraft Painter Apprentices

    Key role:

    Preparing aircraft for the paint process, including masking, washing and sanding, under the guidance of experienced painting supervisors.