Let’s keep the skies safe

I like to travel a lot, and when I do, I usually fly. It is funny that sometimes I get on an aircraft that was recently under maintenance by Magnetic MRO. Whenever that happens, it always reminds me of how our customers have been impressed with the quality of our mechanics’ work, but even more importantly, I feel much safer flying with that aircraft. I feel safe because I know our mechanics know what they are doing and are well trained.

In recent years, Magnetic MRO has opened a new unit for technical training, and part of that is EASA Part-147 training organization. In this department, we make sure everyone trained, whether our staff or customers, get the best training quality and experience. The department is constantly expanding and adding new training capabilities, and sometimes it is even hard to keep up with the progress. Currently, the most popular training are Bombardier CRJ700/900/1000 and sheet metal training. We are looking forward to expanding our capabilities next year – in EASA Part-147 organization, we are planning to add Airbus A320NEO and Boeing 737MAX aircraft types, and regards to other maintenance training, composite materials and repair training will be added. We have simply one of the best composite workshop engineers in the field, and we would like that other repairs will be done on all aircraft with the same level of quality across the world.

Of course, this is not a full list of how we are expanding our unit. Our online training has gained a lot of popularity, and we are developing the system to be better and more efficient and adding regulation training to the portfolio by next year.  As the possibilities grow in the internet, we are always advancing online training so it is beneficial for MROs, airlines and other operators. We have recently added augmented reality (AR) solutions to our painting department and virtual reality (VR) solutions to our interior design organization, and now we are looking forward to adapting both to our technical training.  We are already working with some great airlines and give the best of our knowledge so that the solutions we provide can help them focus on their most important work – flying.

The economy is slowly picking up pace and everyone, especially airlines, benefit from that because people want to travel. This demand alongside with low fuel prices has made airline businesses very profitable in recent years. Naturally, if business is going well, the market grows. According to the Oliver Wyman Forecast for 2017-2027, the global fleet will expand by 10,000 aircraft by 2027, which means a 3.4% growth annually. With around 35,000 aircraft to be maintained in 2027, MROs need to pick up the pace and grow, fast. The current situation in Europe shows that more mechanics are needed and there are places where there is simply not enough labor force available. To address this issue, we have started a joint venture with the Estonian Aviation Academy to start vocational education for aircraft mechanics. That way they will have theoretical training in the academy and practical training working with us. The program is planned to start in January 2018. We strongly believe that practice affirms knowledge and makes it more permanent, which means faster qualification. This is the reason our technical training offers more practical training than theoretical:  our customers can also benefit from the immediate effect and put new practice into work.

It has always been very important to us that people grow professionally, and because of that training is necessary for everyone. More knowledgeable staff will bring more innovation to our business, which is definitely one key to our success. We define success by happy customers with whom passengers love to fly and feel safe. Let’s keep the skies safe!

 Haldi Vanatoa
Training Sales Manager