Interior Intel

Investing in differentiating and innovative trends shaping the future has been the key reason to create preference and build long-term partnerships with our customers. Magnetic MRO has consequently grown significantly and exponentially in a highly niche and aggressive market, especially through its value-added pioneering services.

The idea is to research and develop differentiating services in key growth areas, and the units that focus on the products to-be-engaged with the end-users always hold a strong potential. That’s why Magnetic MRO values the developments taking place in the interior workshop unit and helps it grow based on customers’ needs and desires even beyond their expectations.

We have a dedicated interior workshop in Tallinn where we can produce key materials, including placards, labels, seat covers, curtains, carpets as well as other interior products that our clients may need. The most common modification projects occur when the ownership of the operator changes. These projects involve standard yet various interior updates varying from seat replacements to refurbishment of lavatories supporting the new and overall visual identity of the operators.

The capacity of our current facilities in HQ is up to 4 parallel narrow-body checks which also result in a significant amount of interior-related tasks.  Along with our new dedicated painting hangar launching in 2017 Q4, the capacity and capability will considerably increase with the demand of additional clients.

All the in-house manufacturing is strongly supported by our own Part 21J engineers, which can create flexible and fast solutions for our customers. This means that we are also capable of providing modifications for clients without bringing the aircraft to Tallinn.

In addition to our HQ in Tallinn, our capabilities also include custom interior solutions starting from private helicopters up to products for the Airbus A380 through MAC Interiors, our UK-based daughter company with over 50 years of interior experience.

The newborn… 

The newest addition to our workshop is virtual reality (VR) glasses and related tailor-made software to simulate the aircraft interior and show customers how different materials affect the overall look. The software allows the user to “be” in the 3D interior and to change the materials, colors and textures of the carpets, seats covers and curtains while walking inside the aircraft and having a better understanding of the small modifications applied to the whole interior.

Further development plans for our new VR unit already includes the ability to change the overhead pins, lighting options, seat models, seating configurations and so on. This is a tool for enhancing the imagination, especially for the generation who grew up with games like The Sims.

Rethinking the interior workshop solutions and pushing ourselves outside the box, we managed to build an industrial solution where we can visualize the look and feel of the whole fleet within minutes and help customers see how the 10” x 10” carpet sample will look as a finished product in an aircraft, down to accurately scanned pattern and texture.


Magnetic MRO is also known for its other 3D technologies applied to the MRO business, including 3D printing of aviation-approved parts and 3D Dent & Buckle for structural damage reporting.

Pärtel-Peeter Kruuv
Interior Workshop Supervisor