On-The-Job Training

Boeing 737CL




40 days up to 4 months


Currently not available



Aircraft Type

Boeing 737-300/400/500 CFM56 engine

Course Outline

OJT - “On-the-Job Training” (Appendix III to EASA Part-66, Section 6) is the next required step for the first aircraft type rating.
Magnetic MRO has developed an OJT program that covers a cross-section of tasks acceptable to the EASA working environment. It gives hands-on and one-on-one supervision working experience on the aircraft and its corresponding systems.
During OJT, tasks vary from relatively simple to complex maintenance actions, in accordance with the defined maintenance program.


• Completion of B1 and/or B2 level basic training or being a B1/B2 licensed engineer
• The trainee has done basic training at a Part-147 training organization, minimum 3 years of working experience in a maintenance organization;
• The trainee has done basic training somewhere other than in a Part-147 organization, minimum 5 years of working experience in a maintenance organization;
• B737CL type training (theoretical and practical) completed in an EASA Part-147 approved organization
• Successful background check to be done by the Estonian Defense Police for an airport pass
(In order to take this course, you also need to finish type training by Magnetic MRO Technical Training)


• Apply relevant safety precautions
• Identify and apply aircraft technical documentation
• Name, identify and locate aircraft system components (LOC)
• Perform normal operation of aircraft systems and sub-systems (FOT)
• Perform servicing
• Perform system functional tests and on-board maintenance system supported tests (FOT)
• Carry out routine thorough visual checks (TVC)
• Describe component removal / installation procedures (RIA) unique to the aircraft type
• Determine aircraft airworthiness in accordance with MEL/CDL, and explain maintenance procedures according to the minimum equipment list (MEL)
• Correlate information for the purpose of making decisions in respect to fault diagnosis and rectification


Practical assessment


Certificate of completion

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