Magnetic MRO is starting to use Augmented Reality for Aircraft Livery Visualization

Magnetic MRO, the Estonian-headquartered total technical care partner that specializes in integrated MRO services and innovative solutions, is preparing to announce another technological milestone. The company has signed an agreement with Operose Labs OÜ, a local provider for B2B augmented and virtual reality solutions in Estonia, in order to develop a HoloLens application which will result in allowing Magnetic MRO clients to visualize new livery on an aircraft before proceeding to the painting stage.

AR and VR technology adoption in MRO workshops has increased significantly over the past couple of years, and it is expected to keep growing. On account of this increasing demand and popularity in digitalized MRO services, Magnetic MRO has been building its reputation around various technological advancements and value-added services to differentiate itself from other players. After introducing 3D printing into the aircraft parts production process and launching software for 3D imaging of aircraft interiors, the company is moving forward in adopting new market trends into its organizational workflow. In a recent forecast, Digi-Capital states that AR revenue will hit $120 billion by 2020 as more businesses realise the potential benefits of such technologies. Another forecast by the analyst firm IDC predicts that AR headsets will make nearly $50 billion in revenue by 2021. Within these 5 years, worldwide AR and VR headset market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 58%. Risto Mäeots, CEO of Magnetic MRO states that for Magnetic MRO, it is only an organic step to be involved with latest trends shaping the future of MRO business, as the whole company structure is based on technological infrastructure and a visionary mindset.

“We have started the field testing with Operose Labs OÜ by late 2017 Q1 and successfully reached the desired results on different aircraft types in a very short time. It was very impressive and promising to see that when they did live adjustments with HoloLens, they perfectly matched the actual aircraft with the 3D model which showed all details of the drawing on the aircraft’s surface without even applying stencils and paint,’’ says Kaspars Podins, former aircraft paintshop production manager of Magnetic MRO. Podins, as the current operations manager, adds, “This will give us competitive advantages and allow our DOA and sales team to present real and scaled A/C models with all exterior livery details to our customers in a much more time-saving and innovative way.”

Beside the exterior visualization application, the company is also planning to use AR tech in engine maintenance for repairs with live instructions, in component maintenance for wheel and brakes repair with live instructions, in technical training as well as in Dent & Buckle mapping.