MAC Interiors Announces Facility Expansion

MAC Interiors, a UK-based aircraft interior production and engineering company with more than 50 years of heritage, is pleased to announce its facility and capability expansions.

After Magnetic MRO, the Estonian-headquartered total technical care provider, had completed acquisition of MAC Interiors, the company launched a project of modernization, expansion and organizational transformation in terms of both personnel and adding new capabilities. New capabilities such as producing 3D-printed aviation parts for quick turnaround projects were added, several seating overhaul projects were executed and MAC Interiors has also been working on expanding its facility by adding a new site for its operations. The additional space was vital for its growing team as well as its increasing amount of work and customers.

MAC Interiors, with a well-established reputation in bespoke interior production and refurbishment activities, improved the production area by creating separate zones for machine shops, repair shops, soft trim and composites, and clean zones for assembly and inspection. MAC Interiors also installed barcode scanning for operations across all shop floors as well as in its new stores in order to optimize the production flow between manufacturing, inspection and stores. The whole site is built with modern, high-tech materials which are in line with the premium quality products that MAC Interiors produces. The size of the new site is 1,811 sq. m.

“We are happy to announce the completion of MAC Interiors´ new facility. It will not only allow us to reflect the company´s true potential but also enable us to complete more work in less time without compromising quality – in fact, quite the opposite considering our technologically advanced equipment in house,” says Andrius Norkevičius, managing director of MAC Interiors. “I’d also like to express my deepest gratitude to our team, who has been working so hard to complete the full transformation of MAC Interiors. We are ready more than ever to be flexible and provide tailored solutions for our customers.”

More about MAC Interiors

MAC Interiors has been offering a high level of quality to the aircraft interiors market since 1962. They are experts in the retrofitting and refurbishment of lavatories, galleys, seating, partitions, stowage, monuments and VIP interiors for a wide variety of commercial aircraft. Their product range covers almost all aircraft interiors areas and is diversified from original aircraft production offerings to light weight replacement components and easy maintenance alternatives.