• Magnetic MRO entered into wide-body aircraft maintenance market. It became fully authorized to provide line maintenance services for Airbus A330 family.

  • Announced its A320neo maintenance capability!

  • Guangzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology (“Hangxin”) bought 100% of the shares of Magnetic MRO from BaltCap, and became the new shareholder.


  • Magnetic MRO acquired a package of four Boeing 737-800 airframes and ten CFM56-7B engines through its newly established asset vehicle called Magnetic Parts Trading Limited.

  • Magnetic MRO has further extended its engine repair capability by adding Top Case Repair and Bushing Replacement to its current service offering

  • Magnetic MRO opened a new purpose-build paint hangar. It is the company's third hangar at Tallinn home-base.

  • Magnetic MRO awarded the “Company of the Year” & “Exporter of the Year” titles at the Best Estonian Enterprises 2017 award ceremony.

  • Developed Augmented Reality solutions for aircraft livery visualization

  • Magnetic MRO and Kuehne+Nagel launched their 1st joint aerospace hub in Amsterdam after signing the work agreement.

  • Announced joint venture for aviation asset investments with Crestline Investors, and established Magnetic Parts Trading Limited.

  • Became a Boeing GoldCare Partner for Line & Base Maintenance services.

  • Opened 3 new line stations; in Zagreb (ZAG). Tirana (TIA) and Copenhagen (CPH) International Airports.

  • Completed its 500th Base Maintenance Check in March 2017, based on its first independent check registered in 2002.


  • Magnetic MRO and MAC Interiors unified their forces for 3D printing of aviation approved parts.

  • Signed a cooperation agreement with MEKTORY - Business & Innovation Center of Tallinn Technical University.

  • Launched a tailor-made VR system as an in-house capability and initiated 3D visioning of aircraft interiors.

  • Became a National Champion of Estonia and a Ruban d’Honneur recipient for the Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €26-150m in European Business Awards 2016-17.

  • Opened 5 new line stations; in Milan Malpensa, Vilnius, Copenhagen, Oulu, and Gällivare airports.

  • Opened a warehouse in MAC Interiors facility, with a 15 minutes distance from Gatwick International Airport in
    London, UK.

  • Partnered with Component OH Services in Miami, USA to provide landing gear overhaul and repair services for our customers in Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia.

  • Signed exclusive engine stands distribution agreement with Rotafilo.

  • Partnered with Kuehne+Nagel to offer global engine stand management solutions based on EngineStands24 business plan and KN EngineChain’s worldwide hubs.

  • Launched EngineStands24 Project - the very first e-platform in the aviation market for leasing, purchasing & transporting aircraft engine stands.

  • Received Part 21J Design Organisation Approval to enhance cabin reconfiguration and refurbishment in house.

  • Gained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by globally proving its ability to meet and maintain high quality standards and
    environmental requirements.

  • Acquired MAC Interiors; UK-based aircraft interior company with 50-years of heritage.


  • Introduced 3D printing into aircraft parts production process.

  • Established sales and engineering office in London, UK.

  • Developed its first Paint Hangar and expanded its capacity.

  • Expanded into Asset Management services with A321 Part-Out.


  • Launched the software for 3D visioning of aircraft interiors as the first of many steps in the journey of innovation.

  • Started line maintenance outstation expansion outside of its home-base.

  • Launched engine management services and built a team of industry leaders.

  • Started aircraft painting services to support Total Technical Care positioning.

  • Enlarged its workshop capabilities and opened an escape slide overhaul workshop.

  • Management changed and AME rebranded into Magnetic MRO with the goal of an organizational transformation to turn the company into a global Total Technical Care provider, supported by integrated MRO services.


  • As the capacity increased, number and variety of customers also started to increase.

  • The company completed its new hangar and opened its door to service in September 2013.


  • BaltCap, the leading dedicated private equity and venture capital investor in the Baltic States, acquired 100% of Air Maintenance Estonia from SAS and has supported AME’s production and capability expansion strategy.


  • Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia started to function under the name of Air Maintenance Estonia (AME) under SAS Group up until 2010.

  • SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) signed an agreement with Danish Maersk Air to acquire 100% of the shares of Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia. SAS also bought 49% of Estonian Air as a separate entity.


  • Maersk Air of Denmark was the second airline MAME ever provided C-checks as a third-party maintenance provider after becoming a separate entity.

  • It continued to function as a third-party maintenance provider for Estonian Air Fleet in Estonian Air hangar.

  • On May 15, 2002, Estonian Air’s Maintenance Department split up with the flag carrier and became a separate entity under the name of Maersk Air Maintenance Estonia (i.e. MAME).


  • Estonian Air got partially privatised and 66% of its shares were bought by Maersk Air (49%) and Baltic Cresco Investment Group (17%).

    Photo detail: Estonian basic colours with Maersk titles and tail


  • Ancestor of today’s Magnetic MRO started its operation in 1995 as Maintenance Department of Estonian Air taking care of two brand new Boeing-737- 500. The team of only 16 people was nick-named as “Boeing Group” by then.